WE’RE HIRING: Green Dining Coordinator in Northern Nevada

greenUP! Is Hiring a Green Dining NV Coordinator for Northern Nevada

GreenUP!’s Green Dining Nevada program is a local collaborative coalition that provides environmental education, technical resources, and recognition to dining establishments that are implementing sustainable practices. Green Dining NV’s mission is to reduce waste and mitigate environmental change at the local level. 

The Green Dining Coordinator will work with restaurant businesses to help them improve their environmental best practices. The candidate will also work with restaurants and home-based businesses (including Latinx and BIPOC businesses) in Northern Nevada to improve their operations resulting in healthier communities for all.

The Green Dining Coordinator position is a part-time position with a pay range between $20-$25 an hour. Pay is competitive and commensurate with experience. 

Learn more about the position’s qualifications and responsibilities here. Send a resume and cover letter to info@greenupnv.org by September 30, 2023. Please explain in the cover letter how you feel you could contribute to this position.